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Check Out the Legendary ‘Broken Doll’ Alpha Skin!

Check Out the Legendary ‘Broken Doll’ Alpha Skin!

  • Vainglory
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  • May 23, 2017


The dollies have rescued their girl from the Bad Place. Read on to find out how the Legendary ‘Broken Doll’ Alpha dolly became a Real Girl and set off on her very own adventure!    




  • Beaded and flowered pouf hairstyle
  • The key to Alpha’s clockwork heart is also a dangerous weapon
  • Lacy ballerina outfit with cutouts for keyhole through chest and broken cage crinoline
  • Blood-red pointe shoes
  • Dolly body joints


  • Jetés, pirouettes, spin attacks & ballet poses!
  • Gold and black sparks and lightning ability effects
  • Classical walk and leaping sprint
  • During Termination Protocol, Alpha falls inside a golden clock and explodes in sparks & gears before the key winds her back to life
  • Deadly clockwork key attacks with beautiful ballet movements
  • Tip-toes through brush en pointe, then sits in an elegant pose
  • Recall: Red strings attach to her limbs, spin her around and drop her back in base




Part I: The Loud Voice & The Quiet Voice
Part II: Pretty-Pretty

Real Girl

We poked out the eyes of the Bad Doctors with our sharp scissor points, and we took their keys, and then I colored my shoes pretty red in the mess we made in the hallways. “Look at me; look what I can do!” I said, twirling in the slippy-slidey, but the other dollies said “Come on, we have to find her.”

We climbed on one another to peek through the keyholes until there she was, all alone in the white room with the white hug-jacket. We tried keys until one turned, creaky-squeaky, and then we were all four together again. We let her out of her jacket and she squeezed us all in a bunch.

“Look at me; look what I can do!” I said, and I showed her my jeté and my plié, and she hugged me and told me I was the best dancer she’d ever seen.

“Let’s go home,” whined the other dollies.

“I don’t wanna go back to the attic and the Mama and the Daddy and the memories,” I said, and I stomped my foot.

“Then you shall have an adventure instead,” said our girl, and she put the key into my back and turned it, and my heart started going ticky-tocky. “You’re a Real Girl now, so you can find a new home for us.”

“Find a home with parties,” said a dolly.

“Find a home with cake,” said another dolly.

“And lots of dancing,” said our girl.

So we ran through the slippy-slidey away from the Bad Place forever, and I went by myself to find a home with parties and dancing and cake where we could all be together again.

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