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Check out the Epic ‘King’ Glaive!

Check out the Epic ‘King’ Glaive!

  • Vainglory
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  • Aug 23, 2017


Glaive the Lion has become the King of the Forest! There’s only one problem: he’s a coward. Luckily, the wizard’s brew gives him courage – but what would happen if he lost it? 


  • All new LION model with tail!
  • Glowing ornament on his mane
  • Lion-headed rocket axe with red rope
  • Blue & gold armor





The Theft of the Wizard’s Brew

The roaring-est, meanest, and most frightening of all the forest creatures, the beheader of the Giant Spider, the King of the Forest, respected far and wide for his fearlessness and strength, the lion, had a terrible secret.

He was a coward.

At night he laid in his bed of silk and worried. There were so many problems in his kingdom. He’d defeated the Giant Spider, sure, but only because she’d been asleep at the time. There were trolls in the caves, and wolf packs, hungry bears and tricky foxes, not to mention wicked witches and those tiny gnats that bit him inside his ears. He couldn’t even nap in the sun without worry, for he was blind, and so might fall asleep in a field of poppies and be carried away by winged harpies. The raccoons and the squirrels came to him with their endless territorial disputes and his wise compromises satisfied neither group.

When anxieties set to whirling in his mind, the king would lap up a little of the wizard’s brew. The concoction tasted like fire and gave him courage.

One morning, the king awoke to the sharp scent of the wizard’s brew in his nose and wheezy snores in his ears. He shook out his mane and several fairies fell out of it. The fairies had found his brew and drank up every last drop. Made courageous by the brew, they had braided the king’s mane with ribbons while he slept, and kissed his nose, and lifted up his lips to poke at his teeth before falling asleep on and around him in his silk bed.

The king roared. “Look what you’ve done, you miserable bugs! How will I rule the kingdom now?”

The fairies startled awake and flew out of range of the lion’s swiping claws. With their tongues poked out, they flew away.

The king paced as the sun rose. In the glade, the crows and the woodpeckers would already be waiting for him to pass judgment on their longstanding noise complaints against one another. The lion heard his heart beating fast in his ears. The creatures of the forest would all find out his terrible secret if he didn’t find a quick solution.

Shaking the ribbons out of his mane, the lion grabbed his lion-headed axe. He had only one friend who could help him: the King of the City of Emeralds. Off he stalked toward the city, ignoring the birdy squabbling behind him.

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